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Our Business Philosophy
...is designed around maintaining ethical values …
Engineering Studies
Strategic Project-Based Planning
Our Qualified and Experienced teams members will help 
you plan, execute and complete a project in a 
strategic manner…
Manpower Supply
Talent that counts...
We are experienced in selecting,
evaluating and providing Qualified
Human Resources which can
become valued assets of your
Emerging Opportunities in Iraq Oil Industry
… will require deep understanding of Iraqi Business Culture and formation of wise strategies ...
Iraq is going through extensively challenging situation. Its richness in
natural oil resources; its dedication to improve both its political and
social structures are not only providing new opportunities, but they are
also exposing new challenges. There are many dynamic factors which
are playing key roles to make it an attractive and emerging market in
the world. With a clear understanding of new emerging opportunities
and unique challenges we are prepared to act as building blocks of new
Plant Maintenance
Excellence in Customers'
Iraq. MEIST is ready to provide its technical and supporting services to oil industry players, so Iraq cannot
just only reposition itself in Global Market but it can also sustain its business success.  
MEIST is based on experienced and motivated team members who are dedicated to make MEIST a leading
and most admired oilfield services provider in Iraq:
Our quality-oriented and
experienced teams will bring
technical know-how to help
you solve operational issues
and economical prices…
•  Construction Services
•  Engineering Studies for Oil & Gas Fields Maintenance
•  Maintenance Works
•  Manpower Supply Services
•  Material Procurement & Supply Services
•  Medical Services for Oil Fields
•  Plant Maintenance & Operation Services
•  Rentals Equipment and Tool
•  Transportation & Cargo Services for Oilfields
•  Warehousing, handling and storage
•  Catering Services
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